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This book gives some new insights on time management. The author believes that we can create time. You will believe this if you know who he is.

Many people live under the impression that they cannot do much to create a better and “more spacious” time. Some of the tips in the book: Your goals should be “to gain more time for other things” rather than to tick things off the list.

Tursina Yaacob

A timely refresher! Written by a shariah scholar (of global experience) and an IDB consultant.

The book touches on aspects of strengthening your financial position, solving your credit issues, and how to grow after you have fallen into the financial trap.

Tursina Yaakob

Powerful! Besides “I Have 25 Hours a Day” and “Syariah is Life”, this is the other naskah by Datuk MDB yang sampai terus ke hati..

Engsel – often forgotten but it has an important function. Imagine life without it..

Menjentik hati yang keras.